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We are suppliers of tailor-made Polypropylene ( PP ) compounds to the Rotational Moulding Industry
The PSD Group of companies have been suppliers of Plastic Raw Materials to the Pipe, Moulding, Wire & Cable and Packaging Industries for over 30 years. Worldwide the Rotational Moulding market has been seeking alternative materials to Polyethylene. There are many opportunities that exist for rotational moulding that exceeds the performance capabilities of Polyethylene. Polypropylene’s superior mechanical properties, chemical resistance & higher temperature capability allows for its use in applications where Polyethylene does not meet these demanding requirements. PSD Rotoworx have conducted a broad range of testing on their compound to confirm its suitability for these applications and compliance with applicable standards.


Ted Humphreys - Managing Director
Ted Humphreys
Managing Director
John GraySales
John Gray
Ravi Mehra Business Ambassador
Ravi Mehra
Business Ambassador
Craig BurgessOperations
Craig Burgess
PSD Rotoworx is proud to be a member of the Association of Rotational Moulders Australasia.Member Of ARMA Logo