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Presentation at ARMSA Rotomoulding Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa 14-15 March 2018

Michael Curnow will address the African Rotational Moulding Industry with a presentation showing why the industry should use Polypropylene for demanding applications.
Case studies will be shown of various tanks, manholes, pipe connectors, automotive parts, furniture and transport panels.
The technical benefits of using RMPP141 Polypropylene will be highlighted for each example. Basic moulding and processing techniques for this Polypropylene will also be explained.

Presentation at StAR Rotomoulding Conference in New Delhi, India 19-21 January 2018

Presentation (PDF) Ted Humphreys will give a presentation on State of the Art Polypropylene – Why, Where and How to use it. The new PP compound, RMPP141, is competitively bridging the gap between polyethylene and engineering resins for rotational moulding.
The presentation highlights the technical advantages of this new PP in demanding applications. Continue reading “Presentation at StAR Rotomoulding Conference in New Delhi, India 19-21 January 2018”

Rotoplas Exposition, Chicago. September 26-28 2017

Presentation (PDF) Bridging The Gap Between Polyethylene and Engineering Resins For Rotational Moulding PSD Rotoworx unveils a new polypropylene compound and how new process technology has removed the economic barriers imposed by cryogenic pulverizing. This allows this PP to be more competitive with PE and engineering materials used for roto molding. Continue reading “Rotoplas Exposition, Chicago. September 26-28 2017”

Ravi Mehra joins PSD Rotoworx as Business Development Ambassador

PSD Rotoworx is pleased to announce that respected industry leader Ravi Mehra has joined us as Business Development Ambassador. Ravi has been involved with the rotational moulding industry for over 40 years. He is a past Chairman of ARMO, past President of ARM in USA, and Founding Chairman of StAR in India, as well as a member of the ARM Hall of Fame. Ravi’s new role will see him provide business development and advisory services to grow PSD Rotoworx business for it’s proprietary PP compound to worldwide rotational moulding markets. Continue reading “Ravi Mehra joins PSD Rotoworx as Business Development Ambassador”