RMPP141 requires adjustments to the processing used for Polyethylene

Oven Temperature – Actual air in oven 300oC 280oC to 315oC 570oF 540oF to 600oF
PIAT 225oC 220oC to 235oC 440oF 435oF to 445oF
Mould External Surface Temperature 245oC 240oC to 260oC 475oF 465oF to 500oF
Rotation Similar to LMDPE.
Oven Time About 10% more than LMDPE – 1 minute per 0.25 mm (.01 inch) of wall thickness.
Cooling Delay airflow onto mould for about 5 minutes after removing from oven. Then fan-air cool.
Demould Crystallizes at about 125oC (255oF). Can be removed at anywhere below 115oC (240oF). Care should be taken when handling hot materials and products (refer to RMPP141 MSDS). Optimisation of the moulded part will take up to 72 hours after demoulding, due to continued crystalisation.
Shrinkage About 1.5%  (1.5% to 2.5%) or 1% less than LMDPE.
Supervents Are known to improve processing and product appearance.
For a detailed explanation of processing conditions including: Oven Conditions, Cycle Time, Venting, Shrinkage & Colouring:   RMPP141 Processing Guide   USA:   RMPP141 Processing Guide for USA Processing Problems: Report Form